Advertisement Design

Connect with your clients through custom advertisement design that tells your story and invites them back for more. Start a Design Contest and let our designers create ad designs that convert.

2D-3D Animation

We offer 2D - 3D animation services. Whether you are looking for a page video, simple or complex motion design, explainer videos or infographics, we have the skill that will not disappoint you.

Game Development

Skoder Studio offers comprehensive solutions to help you design, develop and market your game from start to finish. We specialize in providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions for affordable game development company.

Graphical Content

A strong omni-channel marketing campaign will be easier to create with the inclusion of graphic design. Incorporating visual elements to all aspects of your strategy will shape how your audience views your story.

Documentary & Explainer

We are highly instrumental in presenting our clients a perfect quality array of Documentary Videos. These services are broadly admired by our valuable clients owing to their unsurpassed quality and timely completeness attributes.

Digital Marketing

Let Skoder Studio’s digital marketing team help you develop an online marketing strategy to drive more qualified visitors to your site and convert those visitors into leads and sales. What are you waiting for?

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation videos are key tools for your marketing arsenal, having the ability to improve your key success metrics across the board.

Digital Strategy

As digital tools proliferate, so too do the number of customer demands and internal pressure to deliver digital-ready products and services.

Content Development

We create content that converts. Every asset aligns with your commercial goals, speaks directly to your audience and builds a conversation around your brand.

Corporate Portfolio

Corporate Videos are used to showcase an overview & vision of your company with live video and animation in a high-level manner.


About Us

Creating stories about innovations

In this competitive world in order to make your business stand out before others you need great branding tools like logo or visuals that will give your brand a great image in the market. We have a great team of expert designers who can create the perfect visuals you need for the brand image by exploring your visions and objectives thoroughly. From logos to motion graphics, we are ready to offer the perfect packaging you need.


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Creative Team

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5 Second Footage


Script: 200 BDT

Visuals: 500 BDT

Voice: 200 BDT

Audio: 500 BDT

1 Video: 1000 BDT

5 Video: 4000 BDT

10 Video: 7000 BDT

10 Second Footage


Script: 350 BDT

Visuals: 1000 BDT

Voice: 350 BDT

Audio: 100 BDT

1 Video: 1800 BDT

5 Video: 7000 BDT

10 Video: 12500 BDT

20 Second Footage


Script: 400 BDT

Visuals: 1500 BDT

Voice: 400 BDT

Audio: 200 BDT

1 Video: 2500 BDT

5 Video: 10000 BDT

10 Video: 17000 BDT

30 Second Footage


Script: 400 BDT

Visuals: 2000 BDT

Voice: 400 BDT

Audio: 200 BDT

1 Video: 3000 BDT

5 Video: 12000 BDT

10 Video: 20000 BDT

45 Second Footage


Script: 400 BDT

Visuals: 2500 BDT

Voice: 400 BDT

Audio: 200 BDT

1 Video: 3500 BDT

5 Video: 14000 BDT

10 Video: 24000 BDT

60 Second Footage


Script: 500 BDT

Visuals: 2750 BDT

Voice: 500 BDT

Audio: 250 BDT

1 Video: 4000 BDT

5 Video: 16000 BDT

10 Video: 28000 BDT

90 Second Footage


Script: 600 BDT

Visuals: 3500 BDT

Voice: 600 BDT

Audio: 300 BDT

1 Video: 5000 BDT

5 Video: 20000 BDT

10 Video: 35000 BDT

120 Second Footage


Script: 600 BDT

Visuals: 4500 BDT

Voice: 600 BDT

Audio: 300 BDT

1 Video: 6000 BDT

5 Video: 24000 BDT

10 Video: 40000 BDT

180 Second Footage


Script: 750 BDT

Visuals: 5000 BDT

Voice: 750 BDT

Audio: 300 BDT

1 Video: 6800 BDT

5 Video: 27000 BDT

10 Video: 45000 BDT

300 Second Footage


Script: 1000 BDT

Visuals: 6500 BDT

Voice: 1000 BDT

Audio: 500 BDT

1 Video: 9000 BDT

5 Video: 35000 BDT

10 Video: 60000 BDT

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